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Sweet Box
feeds 4-5pax

When I was a lil kiddo, my auntie would fetch me from school everyday. On our journey back, we would be greeted with the comforting smells of a bakery, the refreshing blast of aircon from the supermarket, and the familiar smiles from the mama shop downstairs. Rummaging through the magical aisles of baked goods and sweets was something I looked forward to everyday. My mum had a no sweets policy because I was shaped like a fishball and I would store my secret stash of flavours in the electrical box outside my house. This was our dark little secret. ⁠

So this box is dedicated to those memories and is filled with surprises of punchy and salty flavors. We ‘Dapiku-fied’ the sweets but essentially, this is a love letter to the boy who was eagerly waiting for the last school bell to ring so he could fill his belly with yummy sweets.⁠


Only available on weekends